How to become a partner of Linktour?
All you need to do is to click on “Become A Partner” and submit requested information accordingly. Our BD manager will guide you to complete the whole application process step by step. Meanwhile, Linktour will conduct a strict evaluation of your company to ensure a qualified partner. A unique partner code will be assigned once you get approval.
How long it takes for evaluation process?
It will cost only 5 working days if the information and licenses you submitted are complete.
Linktour offers a complete set of internet solutions including free API integration service, exclusive B2C / B2B website and internal management system etc. We will help you build an Internet-enbled business model easily without any upfront investment. Linktour only charges 1% of total turnover from sellers as system service fee, for the purpose of utilizing, training, maintenance and upgrading services. There is no cost for buyers. The cooperation with Linktour is based on mutual benefit and win-win situation.
Linktour is a leading travel tech company in China that focuses on Internet solution for travel agents. There is no company worldwide yet can provide the same solution once and for all, since travel products are complicated with no standard; confirmation process and internal system can not keep up with market demand. Linktour aims to solve the problems of upstream, and eventually to boost the whole travel industry.
As travel agent, tour operator, attraction or performance company, you may know little about technology.Do you still process your bookings via email, QQ or Wechat? Do you even manage you products by Excel? Can you estimate the system development costs and evaluate the result? Did you spend years to develop a system but eventually it is not workable? Are you busy on working with different OTAs to update the data, confirmation bookings? So why not use Linktour?
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