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Technology Solution for Travel Agent


Product (SKU、Price & Inventory)


Centrally Manage All of Your Sales Channels


Room Allotment, Vehicles, Tour Guides Assignment…

Professionally Serve Travel Agents Worldwide

High Efficient System

  • Professional PMS Function
  • Effective Booking Handling Process
  • Realtime Inventory and Price
  • Improve Instant Conformation Ratio

Cost-effective Channel Management

  • Centralize Online & Offline Sales Channels
  • Master Data & Central Inventory Concept
  • Synchronize Data via API
  • Lower your Labour Cost

Complete Internet Solution

  • Complimentary Booking Website & APP for Your Customers
  • Complimentary Booking Website & APP for Agents
  • API Connection with No Additional Charge
  • Secondary Development to Data and Financial System

Global Travel Destinations

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104 Destinations

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115 Destinations

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27 Destinations

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North America

46 Destinations

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3 Destinations

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South America


Feedback from Partners

"We are a traditional tour operator in USA mainly handling groups. We understand there is a huge potential on China outbound market, but additional cost on labor and low ROI at this stage are main concerns. Linktour provides us ancomplete solution which is an opportunity to test water at a very low cost."
Eric, Tour Operator in United States
"We are offering plenty of tours and activities and working with big OTAs around world. However, we are exhausted to maintain the existing channels by login different backstage. The exchange ratefluctuating on monthly basis last year brings us endless work to update through all channels. In that situation, we decide to upload only 1/10 of our total products in order to guarantee the accurate price and inventory. By working with Linktour, we are able to quote in preferred currency and maintain all channels through one system. That helps us to sell and maintain all of our attractive products to buyers in the world."
Mr Li, Overseas Travel Agent
"We are atravel agent that keen to be “Internet-enbled”. We have spent three years and lots of manpower and resources to create an internal management system, whichcan only be used within purely “internal”. We alsoestablished B2C website and planned to develop our own APP in 2015. Unfortunately, we are told that the data of website cannot be shared with APP. Currently this project is still pending, because we have no manpower to upload the contents again. Linktour provided us an internal management system as well as a complete solution for B2C and App. What’s more,they help us to centrally manage various channels conveniently by maintaining data in one system and it will be simultaneously updated in all others."
Charlie, Tour Operator in Europe
"We are an OTA in China selling global travel products. I have to say Chinese users are spoiled by internet, they expect to receive the confirmation letter seamlessly right after they pay instead of waiting for another 24 or 48hours. We have lost some clients because of this. On the other hand, we also understand the situation of our partners. Most of them still managethe daily operation intraditional way without system. Obviously this is not changeable with a short period of time. After working with Linktour, this is no longer an issue. They standardize the productcontent, centralize supplier’s inventory and price. This is very helpful to optimize our user experience and increase our revenue by offering more products with instant confirmation."
Ms. Ma, OTA in China